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Get Healthy, Get Into Sport

Project Highlights

536 inactive individuals engaged with the Get Healthy Get Into Sport Project and made some incredible, life changing steps to a healthier lifestyle. They worked with mentors and activity instructors to increase physical activity levels and start to improve their lifestyles.

636 community members attended community sport sessions including Athlefit, beginner running, cycling, mass participation events including Fun Runs and annual project celebration events.

27 people accessed the Community Champion Training Programme.

Quotes from participants:

"I can't believe how a project like Get Healthy, Get Into Sport can change people's lives as much as it has mine. It's given me so much confidence and knowledge about my health and wellbeing. So in my eyes what the Get Healthy Team have done has been fantastic."

"I wouldn't have made such positive changes to my lifestyle on my own. Having the team and mentors there really motivated me to get my lifestyle back on track, helping me to live longer and healthier. Without them I would have drifted through without much commitment."

Stay Active

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