Active Together Cycling

Cycling has many physical, psychological and environmental benefits that are perhaps even more important than ever given the current situation we find ourselves living in.

Here's a range of hints & tips, links to websites and information on how you can build cycling in your day whether you are on your own, in a small group or with your family members.

Why is cycling good for me?:

  1. Improves your mental wellbeing
  2. Builds muscle strength and tone in the legs
  3. Improves lung health, cardiovascular fitness & stamina as well as your immune system
  4. Low impact and gentler on joints compared to other physical activities
  5. Can save on travelling time
  6. Can help improve sleep
  7. Can aid weight loss
  8. Can reduce stress levels
  9. Chance to make friends
  10. Great for the environment

Safety Tips for Cycling

  1. Always wear a helmet
  2. Be bright and visible
  3. Observe traffic laws
  4. Keep your bike in good condition
  5. Use cycle routes where possible

Tips for Cycling Safely in the Dark

  • It is a legal requirement to ride your bike with one front white light, and one rear red light, as well as reflectors. Always make sure they are working before you set off for a ride.
  • Wear lightly coloured, reflective clothing to ensure you are always visible to other road users. Always remember your helmet.
  • Plan your route and consider practicing it during the daylight so that it is familiar if you head out after dark.
  • Check your bike before you set off for punctures etc. and consider taking a repair kit with you just in case you should pick up a puncture en route.
  • You can exercise with one other person so consider buddying up if you feel safer that way
  • Always check the weather conditions before you set out. Certain routes might be affected by seasonal changes such as flooding or icy conditions.

Where to cycle in Leicester & Leicestershire...

Virtual Cycling Challenges

You're performing the exercises linked from our website at your own risk

Whilst every effort has been made to verify the information on the Active Together and associated pages, LRS is not responsible for the accuracy or content of external websites. Whilst taking part in physical activity, participants should ensure they take part at a level which is appropriate to them and their health and are responsible for ensuring they check the credentials and health and safety requirements for each activity. It is recommended that participants follow the Chief Medical Officers Guidelines for physical activity. Participants will choose to utilise these links and take part in activities at their own risk.

If you're unsure about your ability, it might be wise to start gradually and build up. Please feel free to refer to the UK Chief Medical Officer's Physical Activity Guidelines when determining the level of activity appropriate to you.

Make sure you warm up and cool down to prevent injury, and make sure you keep hydrated.

Stop the exercises immediately if you feel faint or unwell, and if you still feel dizzy or unwell have a rest. Next time try something less strenuous, building up your activity gradually.

Finally, please continue to follow the government's guidance on how to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.


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