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Early Years Good Practice

Fairfield Preparatory School

Fairfield Preparatory School Reception and Kindergarten provides a wealth of physical experiences for their pupils. They are committed to enhancing and encouraging the physical development of all children both at home and at school.

Over the last 3 years EYFS members of staff have been attending PPP training sessions and sharing their practice with other schools and settings, from these initial training sessions Fairfield EYFS has developed a range of new initiatives to support Physical Purposeful Play and also encourage Physical Activity at home.

  • In Kindergarten children have full time access to a purpose built outdoor area complete with a bike track and many balance bikes and pedal bikes, there is also a grass mountain and tunnel to actively encourage movement and risk taking.
  • Dough Gym packs: Allow parents to actively encourage fine motor development at home, and have some fun themselves!
  • Specialist taught PE sessions twice a week and Forest School, Meaningful Movement, Dough Gym and Write Dance sessions every week. Children also have the chance to take part in a Multiskills after school club each week.
  • Play Bags: Each class has 10 physical activity bags which are sent home over the weekend to every child in Reception. Each bag contains a fun physical activity (scarves, balls, pompoms, a parachute and balls, dancing ribbons etc), an information sheet including kit list, suggestions of activities and a record diary. Parents comment each week in the diary on the activities they have done at home and in their garden.
  • 'Green Spaces' notice board: Allows parents to comment on outdoor places they have been with their children that they would recommend. This allows information sharing between parents and also encourages children to get out and moving at the weekend even if it is just to the local park.

Daisy Chain Children's Nursery

For just over the past year, Daisy Chain Children's Nursery have been working hard to gain their Healthy Tots accreditation, which they achieved in October 2016.

To achieve this the nursery has implemented Purposeful Physical Play, Active Bean and their own initiative 'Wake and Shake with the Daisies'. They are continually trying to improve their practice, especially in the areas of physical development, emotional health and wellbeing.

Children take part in weekly yoga sessions with a qualified yoga teacher. They also hold an annual sports day, on a Saturday afternoon so that all of our parents can attend. The children take part in races and the parents get involved too. In January of 2015 the Nursery held a Healthy Tots evening for parents. Local health professionals attended including the local dentist, health visitor, a local GP, Ellis Stretton and a family outreach worker. The idea was that all the professionals were in one place and the parents could drop in and ask any questions.

Ashmount School EYFS

Ashmount School EYFS have shown excellent implementation of Purposeful Physical Play (PPP) in an effort to enable all pupils to access physical activity.

Children are provided with a range of opportunities for play, such as a class role play areas which are changed regularly to support the themes that children are currently exploring, e.g. police station, post office, fruit and vegetables stall. An interactive playground space is also available that is constantly updated to engage and enthuse children in active play.

The team at Ashmount demonstrates an excellent knowledge and understanding of the physical activity guidelines for the children in their group, and bring physical activity into all areas of the curriculum, from physical phonics and story sessions to the use of action rhymes to promote numeracy skills.

The setting are always looking for new and innovative ways to minimise the number of activities they run that involve sitting, and have implemented TAC PAC, dance massage, dough disco and squiggle writing sessions into their weekly timetable to develop pupils fine and gross motor skills.

A range of practical and suitable activities to meet all of their pupils' ages, abilities and special educational needs is provided. All children in the class take part in weekly swimming and physical activity sessions and in weekly visits into the local community and to the local woods, and have regular access to soft play and multisensory rooms throughout the week. Those pupils with additional physical needs also attend daily physiotherapy sessions.

Whetstone Baptist Playgroup

Whetstone Baptist Playgroup have worked with Blaby District Council from the very beginning of the Active Bean Club pilot through to the established programme it is today. The setting have been proactive from their first meeting with parents, letting them know what is happening in the setting and how they can get involved.

During the first year of working with the Whetstone Baptist Playgroup they put on a Stay and Play session with their parents about Physical Development. In preparation for this the setting put together a display board for parents and carers to look at prior to the talk starting. Parents were spoken to about the importance of physical development and took part in a physical activity session involving the children, staff and parents/carers. The staff actively encouraged the parents and carers to join in and spoke to them to positive role modelling. The staff from the setting are in regular contact with the Early Years Physical Activity Development Officer in regards to the setting changes regarding physical activity and like to access any training that is available.

Holmsdale Manor Nursery School

Holmsdale Manor are very passionate about delivering physical activity opportunities for the children at the setting. They have great outdoor areas attached to each of the rooms that provide different height levels, floor surfaces and equipment for the children to access.

  • Free flow procedure to these outside areas to allow the children to access this whenever they choose to do so.
  • Big garden space that the children can use. This area has things such as a climbing wall, tyre trail, a bridge, ride along toys and balls and hoops to access.
  • Small forest school area within their grounds to access in group sessions, including mud kitchen play, log stepping stones and sticks and branches.
  • Access to a bigger forest school area which is 3/4 of a mile away, they take the children on walks down to this area in groups and encourage them to bring wellies and raincoats so that it can be accessed any time of the year.
  • They have areas such as a wooden balance beam and log seating in this woodland.
  • Lodge in the back garden which is used as an extra play area and they have a dance teacher come in once a week for each age group, they also do some yoga and relaxation during the week.
  • They also have a tennis court this is used as an all weather play area if the grass is too wet etc.
  • There are some chickens and a donkey in the outside areas for the children to help feed and look after this helps them to understand about taking care of others and other things.

Holmsdale Manor signed up for Active Bean Club with Blaby District Council after going to the PPP training. They had a group of around 8 children taking part each week with 2 staff members being up skilled in physical activities to deliver in their setting for the children and to encourage more activity inside not just going outside to play. They have now implemented this into the planning and regularly use some of the physical games and ideas during the week. Following the PPP training they have tried to offer more space in the rooms for the children to move around and remove some chairs so that the children are standing to access things rather than sitting.


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  • Sport England
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  • Active Rutland
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  • County Sport Network
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  • Equality Standard
    Melton LSA
  • O&W LSA
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  • Harborough LSA
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  • Charnwood LSA
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