Coaching, Leading and Activating

Coaches, leaders and activators play a key role in delivering sport and activity, providing time, expertise, commitment and enthusiasm to help develop sport and physical activity at every level.

Research proves again and again that coaching not only improves physical and mental wellbeing but also brings about social and economic benefits.

Thinking of becoming a coach or leader? - many people, without possibly even knowing it, use coaching skills to inspire others. Mum's who nurture their children, managers and leaders who support teams to achieve individually and collectively, kids who comfort their mates in difficult times.

You are a coach? Good coaches never stop learning, examples are: watching other coaches, watching videos, using technology - apps, short workshops or maybe being part of coach development programme.

Sport and physical activity provide a fantastic medium in which to inspire and support people through coaching.

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Workforce Education Programme

Our Workforce Education Programme which aims to develop a skilled, motivated and fit for purpose workforce (paid and voluntary) that is representative of our communities.

We are offering a range of workshops for those new to coaching, an experienced coach, or if you are just looking for awareness raising sessions. We have a philosophy of co-development and co-production, with the workshops being delivered by a variety of organisations on a range of topics including:

  • Developing Skills & Knowledge - including Emergency First Aid and Behaviour Change
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Coaching - including Safeguarding & Protecting Children
  • Early Years
  • Later Life
  • Volunteering
  • Online Training

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Courses - Coaching

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Coaching Jobs & Funding

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Luke Green

Luke Green

Workforce Development Officer

Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport

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