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About AoC Sport

AoC Sport is the membership organisation for colleges, leading the development of sport and physical activity in 16+ education. They believe that sport and physical activity are essential components of college life, giving students significant advantages

AoC Sport formed following the merger of British Colleges Sport, English Colleges FA and the Association of Colleges sport policy team in August 2014. The organisation values diversity and is committed to promoting equal opportunities for all who work at AoC Sport. AoC aims to treat employees, volunteers, competitors, and members fairly, and is committed to achieving greater diversity in the governance and strategic leadership of the organisation in respect of gender, BAME, disability, LGBTQ+, and other protected characteristics. The AoC Sport Board has set a target of achieving a minimum of 30% of each gender on the Board.

AoC Sport's vision is for every college student to participate regularly in sport or physical activity. Our purpose is to promote, support and deliver college sport and physical activity. They aim to achieve this by:

  1. Promote – We champion the education, employment and health benefits of participation in sport or physical activity.
  2. Support – We are the trusted voice for college sport and physical activity, driving improvement, attracting funding for the sector and shaping the further education sporting landscape.
  3. Deliver – We design and deliver competitions, activities and advice that meet the needs of students, member colleges and external agencies. Our work falls into four main strands: competition, policy, sports development and football development. You can browse our website to view our work and partnerships in each of these areas.

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  • Harborough LSA
    Equality Standard
    Active Leicester
    Melton LSA
  • Active Rutland
    Active Partnerships
    Sport England
    O&W LSA
    Charnwood LSA
  • Blaby LSA
    H&B LSA
    Leicestershire County Council


  • Blaby LSA
  • O&W LSA
    Melton LSA
  • Leicestershire County Council
    Charnwood LSA
  • Equality Standard
    Active Rutland
  • Active Partnerships
  • Active Leicester
    Harborough LSA
  • Sport England
    H&B LSA