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The England and Wales Cricket Board is the governing body for all cricket in England and Wales.

The aim of the batting team is to score as many 'runs' as possible - running between the wickets, exchanging ends with a second batsman (the non-striker), who has been waiting near the bowler's wicket. Each completed exchange of ends scores one run, and the match is won by the team that scores more runs. The aim of the bowler's team is to get each batsman out. A player is out if, for example, the bowled ball hits the wicket, or if a fielder catches the ball off the bat before it bounces.

Disability Cricket

As the governing body responsible for all cricket in England and Wales, ECB's vision is to become and remain the world's leading governing body in providing access to the sport of cricket for people with disabilities.

And to deliver a culture of inclusion at all levels within our sport and ensure that people with any impairment are respected and valued for the contribution that they make to the game.

Table Cricket

Table Cricket is a sport played in schools across the county, culminating each year with a National Final at Lord's, "Home of Cricket". Originally developed in 1990 Table Cricket was devised to offer another sporting option for youngsters, who could not take part in Paralympic sports, it was created especially for those with more severe physical impairments. The game involves a table tennis table (or similar surface area), side panels with sliding fielders, a ball launcher, a plastic ball and a wooden bat to simulate the game of cricket.

All Stars Cricket

All Stars Cricket provides boys and girls from 5-8 years old with 8 weeks of non-stop fun.

Higher Education

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) is supporting the growth of intra-mural cricket in Higher Education as there is a wide range of people who want to play that can’t currently access the game

Indoor 24

Indoor 24 is an intra-mural indoor cricket competition being organised through FE Sport Makers and their Student Management Teams or member of FE staff.

Last Man Stands

Last Man Stands is a quick, 8 a side, exciting and rule-bending version of Twenty20 played by time-strapped cricketers all over the world.

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