Eating Well whilst Working At Home

Continuing to eat a balanced diet, even though our normal routines have changed, can help with our physical and mental health. Cooking can also be a good activity to unwind from a days work and to take your mind of things that might be making you feel stressed.

Eating well can give you the energy you need to maintain good levels of productivity throughout the day. Having a poor diet can make you less alert and motivated.

Here we give you some top tips for eating well whilst working from home.

  • Have a filling breakfast – this will make you less likely to snack during the morning. It will make you more productive too!
  • Snack healthy - when working from home you can be more tempted to snack more. Make sure you have some healthy options available. Healthy snacks that release their energy slowly can make you feel less hungry and stop you heading for the crisps and chocolate! Think fruit, cereal bars low in sugar, yoghurt etc.
  • Set aside time for your lunch break and try to move away from your workspace.
  • Meal prep - you could try preparing healthy meals for the week ahead at the weekend or in the evenings that can be stored in the fridge or freezer, meaning you always have a healthy and filling option available if you want something quick and easy.
  • Stay hydrated - staying properly hydrated improves your concentration and helps you stay on task. Keep a water bottle on your desk to make sure you're drinking plenty.


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