Leicester-Shire and Rutland Sport (LRS) is 1 of 43 Active Partnerships operating in England. LRS serves the communities of Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland and was established in November 2004. The vision of LRS is for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland to be the most physically active and sporting place in England. The work of LRS is guided by the LRS Physical Activity and Sport Strategy (2017-2021). The strategy document outlines how LRS and its partners intend to empower and support the communities of Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland get and stay physically active.

A core team of staff is based at SportPark, Loughborough University and is managed by the LRS Director, John Byrne. The role of the team is to support the delivery of the LRS Physical Activity and Sport Strategy. The core team are employed by Leicestershire County Council (the host authority) and the team comply with host's key policies, for example, health and safety, human resources and safeguarding. The work of the team is overseen by the LRS Board, chaired by Bev Smith. The Board consists of a balance of Members that are both representative of the local physical activity and sport sector and those that are independent of the sector. The Board will take decisions about the work and future direction of LRS and will meet 4 times a year. In addition, the Board will take account of partners interests and is accountable both for its own decisions and the actions of the organisation as a whole. The full Terms of Reference for the LRS Board can be found here.

The LRS Board has appointed a Business Oversight and Audit Committee. The fundamental role of the Committee is to provide guidance and scrutiny on Policy, Governance, Finance and Performance Management related issues. This Committee also regularly reviews key risks and considers mitigating actions using LRS's Risk Management policy and Risk Register. A key risk identified by the committee is the failure to deliver services and interventions to reduce physical inactivity because national and local funding is not secured. This risk is being managed by ensuring quality control checks of funding bids, organising CPD support for staff members, ensuring current projects are delivered and the ongoing horizon scanning for new funding opportunities. The May 2019 Risk Register can be found below.

The Business, Oversight and Audit Committee meets 3 times a year and the full Terms of Reference for the Committee can found below.

The LRS Board also has the powers to appoint a Nominations Committee who would be responsible for appointing new Board Members. The Board exercised these powers in 2017/18 to recruit its current Chair. A full list of Board Members and Advisers can be found here

LRS is in receipt of public funding from Sport England and as such, it should meet the mandatory requirements of the UK Code for Sport Governance. As a regular receiver of funding, LRS is required to meet the top level of mandatory governance requirements required by the code. LRS currently meets all requirements of the code. The LRS Board have developed an Internal Control System that provides a framework and timescales for its policy reviews, performance management and financial management procedures. It also presents a framework for the LRS Board to utilise to ensure its ongoing compliance the UK Code for Sport Governance. A copy of the LRS Internal Control System document can be found below.

The Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport (LRS) Board and core team believes that equality of opportunity should be at the heart of all sport and physical activity provision within Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland. The LRS Board has produced an Equality Policy that pledges to promote and champion equality, diversity, community cohesion and human rights. Furthermore, the policy states the Board's intention to empower under-represented groups and individuals to participate in sport and physical activity and take a pro-active role in society. Fair physical activity and sport is a guiding and under-pinning principle for the work the LRS Board and core team do and is stated as such in the Physical Activity and Sport Strategy (2017-2021). The latest LRS Board and Equality Action Plan and progress report can be found below.


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