HiFIVE Challenges

Simple home based 30 second challenges to improve your hand / eye co-ordination, agility, balance, co-ordination and speed.

Each Friday we will be launching a new weekly challenge for you to try at home. Each one takes 30 seconds and requires simple equipment you should be able to find around the house, shed or garage. As well as having a go and trying to improve your own score each time, you can challenge your friends, family, the LRS staff and even our GO GOLD funded athletes!

Take a look at the demonstration videos, have a go and then upload your own videos of you performing the challenges via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and submit your results via our online form below.

Here's our next HiFIVE Challenge!

If you have tried our #BatAndBall & #BallAndWall challenges, how about one that combines both of them?

So, why not try our #BatBallAndWall Challenge?!

You can make the challenge easier by allowing the ball to bounce each time before you hit it or hitting it along the ground.

If you want to challenge yourself even further, try some backhand shots!

Previous Challenges...


Throwing and catching a small ball (EG: Tennis) against a wall as many times as you can in 30secs.

  • Simplify - Two hands throw and catch
  • Extension – Single hand throw and catch OR Alternate hands. Throw with RIGHT, catch with LEFT, throw with LEFT, catch with RIGHT


Follow in the footsteps of legends like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Steph Curry with our #Target #HiFIVE challenge.

See how many times you can throw small objects into a target like a bucket or a basket in 30secs.


Plyometrics (rebound jumping) is important in many sports. Try our #SpeedBounce #HiFIVE challenge by seeing how many double footed side-to-side jumps over a line you can do in 30secs.


Stepping up and down on a step / bottom stair as many times as you can in 30secs. (Right up, left up, right down, left down)

  • Extension(s) - Alternate between leading with your RIGHT foot and leading with your LEFT / Face sideways when stepping / Two-footed plyometric Jumps


Starting on 2 feet and landing on 2 feet, how far can you jump?

Watch the video and then upload your own. Don't forget to record your results (in centimetres) on our website!


Summer is just around the corner! That usually means tennis season is on its way...

You can still work on becoming a future Wimbledon champion with our #BatAndBall #HiFIVE challenge.

Try keeping a ball up with a bat as many times as you can in 30secs.

HiFIVE Challenges
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