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Leicester-Shire & Rutland One You is here to help achieve a healthier you by providing information, tools and support to make small, easy changes towards a longer, healthier life.

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Moving More

Moving more is good for your body and mind, helps stop you getting serious health problems and it can help you sleep better. Just a few small changes can make a big difference to your life and how you feel.

Improve your physical health and wellbeing with local physical activities in Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland. Whilst the government guidelines suggest adults should be doing 150 minutes of moderate activity (intense enough to increase heart and breathing rates) a week, the biggest improvements to our health are made when we go from doing nothing to doing a little bit of activity.

Not only does being active decrease our risk of many health conditions, it improves our mood and confidence, helps us sleep better and provides many social opportunities to meet new friends.

Our whole website provides information, programmes and opportunities to become more physically active. Take a look around our website or use the Get Active Search Engine to find clubs, organisations and sessions near you, join a local friendly beginners RunTogether Group or contact your local Physical Activity & Sport Team within your District or Borough.

Your health

From online interactive tools and self-assessments to the NHS Health Check – there are lots of ways you can check and assess your health.

Finding out more about your health and whether you have a risk factor for a health condition can be really helpful, because you can take action to make improvements to your health. Get started now!

Be smoke free

Now is the right time to quit. Every cigarette causes you real harm and quitting smoking is healthier for you and your family.

There are so many benefits to stopping smoking including living longer, less stress, younger looking skin, whiter teeth, better breathing, improved smell and taste, more energy and protecting the health of your friends and family.

There's lots of free support to help you quit now.

Maintaining a healthy weight and eating well

There are many ways that we can prepare our lives to make the shift towards losing weight. The right information is important in helping ourselves choose the right foods, drinks, exercise and general nutrition.

What you eat, and how much, is so important for your health and your waistline. Choosing healthier foods is easier than you might think. Eating a balanced diet with a variety of foods including fruit and vegetables will help us to look and feel our best.

There are lots of cheap and tasty ways you and your family can eat well every day.

Drinking reasonably - try taking more Drink Free Days

Like to unwind with a glass of something in the evening? Find yourself reaching for a drink most nights? If you're not careful it's easy for the occasional glass in the evening to quickly become 2 or 3 glasses most days.

Taking more Drink Free Days during your week is an easy way to reduce the risk of alcohol to your health and look after yourself.

Men and women are advised not to drink more than 14 units of alcohol a week. This is the same as 6 pints of average strength beer a week. Regularly drinking more than this can increase the risk to your health.

It's important to know how much you are drinking and the easy ways you can cut back.

Every Mind Matters

Our mental health, like our physical health, goes up and down.

There are times when we feel stressed, low or anxious, or have trouble sleeping. But there are things we can do to look after our mental health and wellbeing.

1 in 4 people in the UK will experience problems with their mental health each year. Mental health illness can have a huge impact, whether you are experiencing issues yourself, or you are supporting someone who is.

Physical activity has a huge potential to enhance our wellbeing. It also plays a role in preventing the development of mental health problems and in improving the quality of life of people experiencing mental health problems. Deciding what's safe for you, how hard you should push yourself and finding the right sport or activity can be difficult when you've got a mental health problem. And we can all struggle finding the motivation to be active.

Get expert advice, practical tips and a personalised action plan with Every Mind Matters and create your action plan.

Sleep better

Sleeping well can help boost your immune system and helps you feel refreshed.

Most of us need around eight hours of good-quality sleep a night to function properly – but some need more and some less. What matters is that you find out how much sleep you need and then try to achieve it.

Good-quality sleep is more important than the amount of sleep that you get and it helps to keep you feeling healthy.

If you need to claim back some zzz's, we're here to help. The Every Mind Matters online guide provides tips and advice on sleep problems to help you wind down and sleep soundly zzz...


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