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Job Purpose We are looking for dynamic and confident people to join our NCS team this summer. You will be an organised and confident person, able to engage and support a group of up to 15 young people aged 15 to 17 through an intensive four-week programme including residential trips away from home, local skills workshops and social action activities.

Birmingham and Bromsgrove, B16 8DN
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Matthew Forsyth
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0121 456 1818
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About NCS Team Leader & Assistant Leader

Each programme requires 210 staff hours in total broken down as follows:

  • 33 hours training
  • 110 hours weeks 1 & 2 residential (55 hours x 2)
  • 60 hours weeks 3 & 4 (30 hours x 2 weeks)
  • 7 hours Celebration Event

Candidates must be available to do one of the following programme waves:

Wave 1 - Monday 8th July - Friday 2nd August 2019


Wave 2 - Monday 29th July - Friday 23rd August 2019

The programme is split in to three distinct parts:

  • Week one: Away residential: You will go away with your team for four nights and five days for outdoor adventure, new challenges and team-building.
  • Week two: Home residential: You will go away with your team for four nights and five days, to a local residential setting. This is the part of the programme where the young people learn new skills and get to know the community better.
  • Weeks three and four: You will support your team to design and implement a project that will make a real difference to their local community

This role is ideal for anyone interested in working with young people. Sport 4 Life will provide you with all the training and support you need to excel

You must be interested in working with young people and supporting their development through the programme.

Supporting Documents:

ncs-team-leader-job-pack---ref-054.pdf (PDF, 1004.5 Kb)

ncs-assistant-team-leader-job-pack---ref-055.pdf (PDF, 1004.7 Kb)

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