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Invitation to quote for HR/Recruitment & Selection consultant

Active Partners Trust (APT) is looking to appoint a HR/Recruitment & Selection consultant to undertake a review of APT's recruitment and selection process to enable the organisation to engage with a broader audience.

Active Partners Trust

About Invitation to quote for HR/Recruitment & Selection consultant

The overall aims of the work are to:

  • identify a set of recommendations within different elements of the recruitment and selection processes that will enhance the organisation's ability to engage with a broader audience and
  • to rewrite the job descriptions/person specification for all the different roles in light of the recruitment recommendations.

APT are seeking an HR expert to lead this review, providing expert advice and guidance. There are two main elements to the work;

  • the assessment of current internal policies, documents and processes and
  • consultation with both the APT team and the Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic community.

Elements to be reviewed include:

  • Job descriptions
  • Person specifications
  • Job adverts
  • The approach to promoting job adverts – where we advertise
  • Application process – currently an application form
  • Selection processes
  • Induction

Consultation to take place with:

  • APT employees: to gain reflections of the APT recruitment and selection process
  • People from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic groups: to gain their perceptions about working for APT, their perceptions and expectations on different organisations and their approaches to seeking employment.

Aim of the work:

  • Based on your findings, rewrite APT's job descriptions, person specifications and job adverts to make them fully inclusive.
  • Provide recommendations for how to create and embed a fully inclusive selection process including how/where to advertise, the application process, the shortlisting process, the interview process and the induction process.

Contract Details

The contract will be held with APT.

The individual or organisation will report to APT and will be responsible for the delivery of the key tasks as outlined in the brief.

The term of this contract shall be from the day of commencement until the final report is formally accepted by APT, approximately 9th April 2021.
It will be expected that the individual or organisation will work around 10 days to successfully complete the report (recommendations) and job descriptions/person specifications

The individual/organisation will provide regular updates and will be expected to attend at least 2 project group meetings.

The Fee

The total costs for conducting this work, including travel expenses, subsidies and other expenses shall not exceed £4,000 (exclusive of VAT).

Application Process

To apply for this position please send your proposal which will demonstrate your ability and skills related to the project specification.

Proposals should be submitted by 11.30pm on 25th February 2021 via email to Margaret Blount at

Interviews, if required, will take place from a selected shortlist and notification will be sent out to all by email. The successful applicant will be expected to start by 8th March 2021 and submit their final report by 9th April 2021.

For full details download the document below.

Supporting Documents:

final-brief-hr-consultant.pdf (PDF, 602.7 Kb)


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