Learn At Home

Learn at Home supports you in your development during these extremely challenging times.

Many training and development organisations already host a wide array of online and distance learning courses and workshops. However, with the huge impact COVID-19 has had on our working lives, more providers than ever are adding content to their websites, in addition to making them more accessible through concessionary rates or for free.

To help start you in your quest for knowledge and support, the following organisations offer online content. Please access them to explore how the content available can supplement your personal development.

UK Coaching have temporarily unlocked 10 of their most valuable subscriber resources making them available to all registered on UKCoaching.org. These will remain freely available until 3 May.

Free online learning courses from The Open University. OpenLearn gives you access to course materials and expert opinion on topical issues including Sport, Health and Psychology through to Education and Development, Business and Leadership.

Inspired Children are leading national specialists in play, creativity and children's emotional well-being and are now offering five video training packages to organisations which can be remotely accessed from home.

The following guidance is for anyone involved in the physical activity and sport sector, whether you are working professionally in the sector or in a volunteer capacity. We can all look to develop ourselves so we are even more effective in our roles once the recovery process starts and normal service resumes.

Here are some recommendations which can help structure your personal development while working from home:

Create a personal development plan (or review the one you currently have).

With a reduction in front line delivery/service this may create time for you to look at your plan, assessing if it's still applicable and amending it to support you in the future. If creating a plan for the first time, think about the following:

  1. Consider the skills you already have.
  2. Identify the skills you think you need now and in the future.
  3. Work out what you want to achieve and how to achieve it. At this current time, ensure you can access the relevant training resources and that they are in a format that supports you.

Build the learning/ development opportunities into your daily routine.
This will help with structuring your working day so that your development fits in well with your personal and professional life.

Explore ways to plan for the future.
Ask yourself 'how will I take this learning forward and implement it? What can I do differently in my role now this learning has taken place? How can I think creatively?'.

Connect with colleagues and friends.
Discuss your findings and new knowledge with others - it will help you embed your new skills and will no doubt help others too. This is also a great way to prevent a feeling of isolation and can create opportunities to share best practice!


  • Blaby LSA
    Active Partnerships
    Charnwood LSA
    Equality Standard
  • Leicestershire County Council
    Sport England
    Harborough LSA
    Melton LSA
  • Active Rutland
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  • Blaby LSA
    Leicestershire County Council
  • Melton LSA
    Active Rutland
  • Sport England
    Active Leicester
  • Equality Standard
    Charnwood LSA
  • O&W LSA
  • Harborough LSA
    H&B LSA
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