Introducing David, one of our Active Together Champions!

David, Loughborough

I have always been a creative innovative person when it comes to physical activity, although living through lockdown in a first floor flat with not outside space did come with it's challenges to overcome. During lockdown, myself, partner, and 10 year old stepdaughter created our own "Lockdown Gym". We signed up to Les Mills on demand, and with me being a personal trainer did living room boxercise sessions and bodyweight circuits.

Myself and my step daughter have also been putting some videos together on Instagram to encourage families to get fit together. We have also been on quite a few 5km walks around Holme Pierre Pointe.

I have in the past suffered with mental health issues, and have had Spina Bifida since birth as well as being a below knee amputee. Being able to stay active has given me mental and physical stability and helped me maintain focus for work and family life.

During the pandemic I started to see a lot of people around me sinking into a new routine of poor nutrition and daily drinking, plus in the early stages I nearly lost both my mum and step-dad to COVID, the latter spending 5 weeks in hospital. I desperately did not want to follow that road and therefore took it upon myself to motivated myself and my family to be as health and fit as we could whilst living in a first floor flat with no garden space.

My activity levels have if anything, improved since lockdown. I can now access the gym again and have kept up with the home activities that we initiated during the restrictions.

I love the positive feelings that exercise gives you and, having a disability, keeping as healthy as I can is vital to me being able to function in the most physically efficient way possible, as well as keeping my mental health strong and positive.

My advice if you're thinking of getting more active:

Firstly, think outside the box. You may not have expensive gym equipment at hand but you can certainly improvise. Something is better than nothing! Even a 10 minute blast is better than sitting on the sofa.

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