Introducing Debbie & Hollie, our Active Together Champions!

Debbie & Hollie, Melton Mowbray

The main way we stayed active in lockdown was through Melton's virtual parkrun, as well walks and Just Dance. However, my daughter, Hollie, has finally grown and fits a bike she was given a couple of years ago so I decided to buy a second hand one so we could go out together. She has now decided that she would like to do a marathon bike ride and raise money for charity; so, our training rides are now keeping us very active.

We like to exercise as a family. Some friends are completing the Couch to 5k programme and we are all hoping to do a socially distant 5k run at the end of the 9 weeks of that programme over the summer holidays.

We've really enjoyed staying active; that one session of exercise per day (at the beginning of lockdown) has given us a good focus. It has helped with my mental wellbeing knowing we could get out and about each day.

We couldn't not go out to stay physically active over lockdown, it was something to focus on. Now, however, our focus is getting fit on the bikes to be able to complete the charity challenge. I like how exercise makes me feel. It resets my mood and makes me feel better about myself. Also, if I beat a goal or do better than last time, I find that really motivating.

Sometimes, it is difficult to motivate a small child to get out and about. I tried to vary what kind of exercise we did, where we went and how we got there. We have gone on some adventures and turned down roads and paths we never would have gone down before, so now we know more about our town than we did before.

If you liked Debbie & Hollie's story and want to find out more about being active, visit Active Together

Our advice if you're thinking of getting more active:


It really helps me to have a goal or a target- to cover a distance, to run for an amount of time etc. Set yourself a target and see if you can achieve it or go better than last time.


Get out for at least two minutes a day, because it makes you feel much better!


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