Introducing Donna, one of our Active Together Champions!

Donna, Wigston

We started off with a few miles a day walking at the beginning of lockdown as we were bored by mid-afternoon , the kids soon got fed up unless there was some rewards on the way so we had to try and engage them in other ways. I came across a few of my gym instructors online and they were also doing classes virtually aimed at kids I found the kids liked the classes and they'd join some adult classes and then the instructors would do kids Tabata etc. We spent quality time doing virtual classes and my 12 year old daughter video called late 70's grandparents who have been doing weekly Zumba classes throughout lockdown and say they love it and look forward to it.

After a month of lockdown too many cakes and quite a bit of weight put on, we all decided to get more active so we could enjoy the cakes we were baking. We started to ride bikes at first just a few miles but it was easy to add a few streets on then a few miles, one of my daughters stopped enjoying it so we looked for something else for her, but myself and my other daughter carried on and were up to between 12 /13 miles a day with some rest days. It was a massive achievement from that first bike ride with many tears! One gym instructor did a 30 min skipping class , this led to a new family love and we had fun in the garden skipping together , laughing when I stepped on it or the cat was chasing the rope but that's what it's all about!

Being active during lockdown has helped massively with keeping the family fit, encouraged quality family time, and has really helped with my mental health.

My advice if you're thinking of getting more active:

Give things a go , have a laugh put the radio on and dance for half and hour, spend time exploring your area. We found some amazing places to walk, jog and bike. Lose your inhibitions have fun, play hide n seek, play tag etc!

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