Introducing Emma, one of our Active Together Champions!

Emma, Fleckney

I've been enjoying walking with my puppy and son each day…it's been a great excuse to get him away from any electronic devices!

My run group has also transitioned from meeting up as normal to creating a virtual anniversary celebration run to socially distanced small groups meeting up again. Throughout lockdown I kept the group going and we shared photos and details of our solo runs.

I've also attended an outdoor Pilates session with a local instructor working with a cricket club to use their green space during lockdown and more recently as travel restrictions have eased, it has been great to get back to the mountains, sea and lakes in North Wales.

Keeping active has been very important to me and I am lucky to live in a beautiful countryside location so I don't need to travel to have access to great walks. Last year, I tried to stay active during my chemotherapy treatment and I learned from that how much exercise was helping me to keep on top of my mental ill health. It didn't always work but it always gave me space to think and I loved taking photos of my outdoor routes each day – they are now part of a scrapbook / photo album.

During COVID-19, being unable to get in to the office meant I knew I was loosing a certain amount of steps per day from getting up from my desk / going up and down the stairs. Also, nothing is as motivating as being told that you can't do something! It was great to see so many families outside exercising together when they had been told they could only leave their homes once a day. This helped motivate me to keep getting out.
Exercise to me is about being outside amongst nature. I have missed swimming the most – not because I am particularly good at it, I just love the feeling of gliding through the water and feeling the buoyancy as you are lifted to the surface.

There have been a number of barriers from trying to juggle working from home and quality time with my son. Access to my usual exercising areas – pool / parkrun not taking place. As well as becoming complacent and getting too used to being snuggled up on the sofa with a dvd in an evening!

My advice if you're thinking about getting more active:

Join a facebook group for an activity you would like to try or ask on your local community facebook group. There are lots of outdoor swimming / running / walking groups that have active facebook groups / pages where you can get advice and ask questions. It's great to be social and as we head towards winter, it's going to be even more important to get your support network well established.

If you liked Emma's story and want find out more about being active, visit Active Together


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