Introducing Ian, one of our Active Together Champions!

Ian, Leicester

Being in Lockdown at first felt very unusual, now my past may have got me ready for such a thing as I had got used to staying in keeping to myself being a loner but no this was so very different I really felt a prisoner in my own home! Isolation wasn't going to stop me keeping to myself, at times feeling very sad I'm a person, despite my past, that actually enjoys human contact and cuddles from loved ones. The lack of this was starting to get to me, I had become very accustomed to using the swimming Pool at the Gym and the banter! I was only to pleased I found (Dawns Running Pals) when I did I have embraced the running found myself taking on Virtual Runs Hadrian's Wall, The Ring Of Kerry in Ireland one for NHS, my first 10K was down to Run my first Abbey Park 10K but with it being cancelled due to Covid I had the opportunity to run it on my own virtually.

I had come a long way since asking my GP for a Gym referral I had promised myself not to go back to the dark days of Being Overly Depressed and Anxiety!! I tell myself how lucky I am that I had found The Running Club When I Did The Running & Walking Activities Have Saved Me from falling into a rut again letting depression win! Keeping myself isolated from others Running Walking have without doubt kept me in a happy place! If feeling down letting Anxiety in, If I go for a run a long walk I feel Proud my mood is a happy one I think about happy things and getting back out again to enjoy the fresh air and life around me.

When I think of being active, I think in a word "" PRIDE "" and with pride brings Happiness. The Endorphins do really flow when you've done something to be proud of it makes me want to go back out again and run or walk!

My advice if you're thinking of getting active:

My advice would be never doubt yourself you'll be extremely surprised in what you can do your mind and your body are stronger than you think. Start off slowly, you don't have to go all out, it's baby steps.

If you liked Ian's story and want to find out more about being active, visit Active Together


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