Introducing Kelly, one of our Active Together Champions!

Kelly, Leicester

During lockdown, my physical activity levels increased slightly which definitely surprised me! I have been exercising to YouTube fitness classes with my boyfriend, as well as stretching classes most weekdays. I have also been on more walks than ever, especially when the full lockdown came into force as it was something to do and I didn't realise how much I missed the fresh air. I have also had access to more dance classes across the world so have been doing them sometimes four times a week!
Staying active during the locked helped me SO much! Whenever I was feeling low, it felt silly to ask myself the question "when was the last time your exercised?" but the answer spoke volumes. If it had been a while and regardless of whether my motivation was there or not, I would force an easy workout and feel tones better afterwards.

Most dance classes would have a bit of a virtual chat at the end which helped if you hadn't spoken to anyone during the day.
My activity levels since lockdown have definitely increased too! I have returned to weights and toning classes at the gym which I do prefer to cardio and am back to about four classes a week. I am also attending two dance classes and a flex class per week so my activity is back and high. However, this is mainly helped by working from home and the gym being 30 seconds away.

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My advice if you're thinking of getting more active:

Start small and build, everything is progress. Putting too much pressure on yourself to start off with can damage your mind-set. Challenge your brain out loud when it shouts that you can't do something and remember that (most!) people do not have regrets for doing a workout after they have finished it.


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