Posted: Fri, 25 Jan 2019 10:00

Governing Bodies Given Help to Keep Developing an Active Nation

Ten national governing bodies (NGBs) have been given more support to help people keep or develop their sporting habit.

More than £16 million will be spent on the 10 sports over the next two years to help work Towards an Active Nation.

The 10 NGBs will use their awards across everything from tackling inactivity to developing talented athletes.

While many NGBs were awarded full funding for the 2017-21 period two years ago, these 10 were awarded initial funds but also given another two years to develop business cases or illustrate positive results before applying for further funding in the 2019-21 period to continue to help people get, or remain, active.

Angling Trust, Baseball Softball UK, the British Equestrian Federation, the England and Wales Cricket Board, England Netball and Volleyball England will focus their resources on maintaining and building their existing base of participants.

£260m More than £260m has been awarded to NGBs since 2016

While British Cycling and Exercise Movement and Dance UK will prioritise recruiting those people who regularly dip in and out of exercise and Swim England will look to engage the quarter of the adult population who do fewer than 30 minutes of physical activity a week.

The final investments will see Volleyball England, British Fencing and England Netball focus on supporting their talented or high performance athletes.

"Millions of people love sport and take part regularly and we don't take their commitment for granted," said our executive director of sport Phil Smith. "Even the most enthusiastic people can sometimes find it hard to maintain the habit, especially when life gets in the way.

"This funding of national governing bodies is to help increase the number of people engaged in sport, through investing in clubs, coaches, facilities, equipment and new ways to play.

"Alongside this, some of our investment will support talented athletes to fulfil their potential, such as the England Netball team, who are heading in to a home World Cup this year with high hopes."

Towards an Active Nation

Our intention is for everyone in England, regardless of age background or ability, to feel able to take part in sport or activity.

From December 2016 to March 2017 we invested £244 million in more than 40 governing bodies for the 2017-21 period.

The awards came as part of our Towards an Active Nation strategy that is focusing on influencing thousands of people to have the capability, opportunity and motivation to get active.

Sport and physical activity has the capability to improve a person's physical and mental wellbeing, as well as their individual and social development – with the community also experiencing an economic boost.

The combination of National Lottery and Government funding is vital to our goals of developing and delivering an Active Nation, with all NGBs only receiving funding upon meeting the Code for Sports Governance that we launched in 2016.

(Source: Sport England)

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