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GO GOLD Athlete in the Spotlight: Emily Crane

GO GOLD's Athlete in the Spotlight, Emily Crane, discusses her long-term goal to attend the Olympics!

What is your go to pre training snack?

Belvita Cereal Bar

Explain your ideal weekend

A chilled weekend, maybe go see friends, cinema, then seeing the family on a Sunday for Sunday Dinner

What would be your dream job if not a professional athlete and why?

To coach / teach a sport abroad to young athletes

What is your long-term goal in your sport? How do you plan to achieve this?

To go to the Olympics, I plan to achieve this by having more confidence in myself and working on the specifics of my sport.

What is your favourite 'cheat meal' when not following your training diet?

Indian Takeaway or going to Plan Burrito

Have you got any phobias? Or pet peeves?

I hate Snakes and my pet peeve would be people being constantly negative

If you were to win the lottery, what would you spend the money on?

A new house for me, mum, dad and my brother

What is your favourite holiday destination and why?

Greece, I liked it as it was sunny and I came back nice and tanned

If you could play any other sport, what would it be and why?

Probably Horse Riding as I did it when I was younger and I loved my Pony, but had to sell her due to commitments to swimming

Who is your role model and why?

My mum, she's a really good person and would do anything for anyone and likes to do things for others

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to your 18/15/12 year old self?

Need to learn to have confidence in yourself

What major tournaments have you taken part in/ will be taking part in in the last / next 3 months? Tell us about it! (vlog / blog)

Last 3 months-

•ASA National Short Course Championships- December:

I competed in 7 individual events, 50m & 100m freestyle, backstroke and butterfly as well as the 100m IM.

I qualified for A finals in all my events.

50 backstroke - 1st (26.94) PB -County Record

100 backstroke - 4th (59.43) PB -County Record

100 freestyle - 5th (54.62) PB

50 butterfly - 2nd (26.32) PB -County Record

100 butterfly - 8th (59.64) PB

100 IM - 1st (1.00.97) PB

In the 50 backstroke I also achieved the 6th fastest time ever posted by a Brit.

•BUCS Long Course - February:

BUCS was a good competition to see where we were at in terms of our race skills. We had just come out of a hard phase of work and eased off the rest of the week into the meet.

On the Saturday I competed in the 50 backstroke and 50 freestyle and made finals in both, in addition I competed in the 4x100 freestyle relay in the finals session,

50 backstroke- 29.33 (6th) // 50 freestyle- 25.91 (3rd) // 4x100 Freestyle relay split- 55.60 (1st)

On the Sunday I competed in the 100 freestyle individual and qualified for the final.

100 freestyle - 56.15 (3rd)

On points Loughborough University won the Overall Trophy, Women's Trophy and the Men's Trophy

Next 3 months -

•British Championships (long course) - April:

I'm competing in the 50 freestyle (Thursday), 100 freestyle (Friday) and 50 backstroke (Saturday). This is my Target meet as I am aiming to qualify for the World University Games that will take place in Italy in July.

Prep into this is going really well as I had a camp held in Florida in March for 2.5 weeks for us to do the final block of hard training before going into taper, then I'll have 2 and a half weeks of taper going into the meet.

GO GOLD Athlete in the Spotlight: Emily Crane

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