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Happy, healthy tots

Active children from birth to 5 years old are healthy, happy, school ready and sleep better.

It is important to establish high levels of physical activity as early as possible to encourage children to stay active enough to benefit their health and to support continued interest and participation throughout adult life.

All children should be encouraged to be active throughout the day, every day.

  • Children who are not yet walking should be encouraged from birth to do simple activities such as tummy time, enabling them to reach and roll for their favourite toy or acting out some nursery rhymes.
  • Children capable of walking should be physically active for at least 3 hours each day. This could include playing hide and seek, putting some music on and moving to the beat or more energetic activity like active play in the park, swimming and skipping.

Top Tips and ideas to help babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers move a little more include:

  • Break it up. Movement can be broken up into bouts of 10 minutes.
  • Best place is home. The home is perfect for young children to start being active around routine and comforts.
  • Move more. Minimise the amount of time spent sitting, using car seats or strollers.
  • Say well done! Giving lots of praise will help boost their confidence.
  • Lead by example. Involve yourself in the activity. Young children are great at copying!

10 minutes – Do some tummy time, encourage babies to reach and roll for their favourite toys, act out some nursery rhymes, make a drum using a saucepan and spoon, roll a newspaper and do some mark making, do some parent/baby yoga...

20 minutes – Blow bubbles and encourage children to chase, read a story and act out some of the actions, play hide and seek, put on some music and move to the beat, encourage children to tidy away their toys.

30+ minutes – Go to the park, explore the woods using sensory play, build a den, go swimming, enjoy time on a balance bike/scooter, play some exploring games e.g. target throw, chase, throw and catch.

Every movement counts and by ensuring Under 5s are physically active, the more health benefits they get, including:

  • Develop strong bones, muscles and heart
  • Develop good motor skills including balance and coordination
  • Supports good social skills - great for making new friends
  • Helps to maintain a healthy weight
  • Helps to enable a child to sleep well
  • Boosts a child's confidence and emotional skills

Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport and a range of health and wellbeing organisations, are working together to help us all, move a little more.

To make your move, visit or follow #LLRMakeyourMove

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