Posted: Fri, 10 May 2019 11:46

Snow-Camp First Tracks Summer Programme!

Snow-Camp's mission is to engage inner-city young people through skiing and snowboarding to provide life skills training, nationally recognised qualifications and work experience to increase their motivations and aspirations, enabling them to gain employment in the snowsports industry and beyond.

Snow-Camp are looking for young people (13-21) to get involved in our Snow-Camp Summer youth programmes, offering the opportunity to progress from beginner skiers and snowboarders right through to qualified instructors!

The journey starts with our 2 day Snow-Camp First Tracks programme, run over July and August this year. This programme provides young people with their first experience of snowsports, using Tamworth SnowDome as a base. This huge indoor snow slope is a fantastic place to get feel of what skiing and snowboarding is all about, and on arrival everyone is keen to get out onto the snow!

On our Snow-Camp First Tracks course we combine young peoples learning and development with an accredited Snowsport England Snowlife Award as well as our Snow-Camp Life-skills programme run throughout the course, and we celebrate their achievement with Snowlife level badges, medals and certificates.

Our Aim and Objectives are simple:


  1. ENGAGE youth by providing a young-people-friendly journey of accessible programmes.
  2. TEACH youth-at-risk the skills they need to raise their aspirations, improve life chances and gain employment opportunities.
  3. IMPROVE levels of accessibility and participation in snowsports for inner-city young people.
  4. PROVIDE an environment where young people can thrive, develop and have fun.


  1. DEVELOP SKILLS – To help young people transform their attitudes, behaviour and increased self-esteem. To gain a range of accredited qualifications, improving their CV and credentials.
  2. BROADEN HORIZONS – Take young people out of the city to a new environment, to change attitudes, encourage cross-borough friendships and challenge territorial bias that leads to gang culture today.
  3. PROMOTE HEALTHY LIVES–Develop an interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle from learning a new sport.
  4. PROVIDE VOCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES – Offer apprenticeships, work-experience, volunteering and employment within the snowsports industry, moving young people from NEET to EET or unemployable to employable.

Snow-Camp First Tracks could be just the start! To see the full programme journey please click here!

The usual price for these sessions is £50 per person but, we have funding available for the Midlands, please get in touch to discuss.

Please advertise this fantastic opportunity to your young people and staff. Thank you. (Poster below). For more details or to register your Youth Project today, please contact Chris at or call 07719 329732.

We hope you can join us.

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