Stay safe & active whilst you are at home - take a look at some of our advice & resources below.

It's so important in later life to be taking part in daily physical activity to gain health benefits, including, maintenance of good physical and mental health, well-being and social functioning. Some physical activity is better than none and by doing a bit of activity a day will help make you fitter, healthier and stronger long term. If you have any wider health conditions, physical activity can often help treat and offset some of your symptoms. If you have been sitting down for a long period of time, you can use physical activity as a way of breaking this up. You can do your physical activity wherever you feel most comfortable doing it in the home.

Improve your strength and balance, and reduce your risk of having a fall, by following our top tips to stay active and stay steady.

Yoga is a safe and effective way to increase strength, flexibility and your balance that can lead to improvements in both your physical and mental wellbeing.

A selection of apps to help you get and stay Active at Home.

Check out Sport England's new campaign for tips, advice and guidance on how to keep or get active in and around your home.

We Are Undefeatable aims to support people with long term health conditions to build physical activity into their lives.

Take part in a range of online workouts from the comfort of your own home.

Be creative with items around your home and use our Twilight activity plans to help you stay active.

Eighty-year-old Diana Moran will be doing exercises three times a week from self-isolation so you can follow along at home!


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