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Local Case Studies

Stokes Wood Primary School

Jane Gadsby (Head Teacher) said:

"This funding has helped us implement and expand the PE and sport programme we have wanted for a long time.

Together with pupil premium, it ensures that all pupils are given a chance to develop physical skills and a knowledge of how to keep themselves healthy, build self-esteem and success in school, both sporting and academic".

Brocks Hill Primary School - Whole School Improvement


  • Specialist external provision: two fitness training initiatives targeting vulnerable pupils aimed at developing their fitness, coordination and concentration
  • Inclusive/special needs activities including staff CPD and events
  • Small-group interventions (including Meaningful Movement, Big Moves, Energy Club) targeted children with additional needs (including obesity, poor physical development, fine and gross motor skills, coordination, stamina, attendance etc.)
  • The role of P.E. in whole-school improvement is now embedded, with staff understanding the connection between development of core academic skills & physical skills, particularly in literacy.


  • Informal teacher assessments indicate that achievement in P.E. lessons has significantly increased now that systems of work are fully embedded.
  • Numbers of children participating in after-school sports clubs have increased by 55% over last year, including significantly more children receiving pupil premium.
  • Special events such as the inclusive sports day have been received with great enthusiasm and added a great deal of value for all children in terms of their wider understanding of disability and inclusion.
  • Significant improvements especially in concentration, behaviour and motivation among target children. High standards of achievement and progress are being maintained.
  • Teacher confidence has greatly increased following enhanced CPD opportunities. All staff recognise the benefits of involvement in PE and sport and CPD opportunities are being taken up enthusiastically, including swimming and tennis coaching.

No Life Without Sport - Avenue Primary School

Children at Avenue school talk about what sport means to them. It is central to their lives and a passion for sport drives a passion for life. The bene t for the school is evident in their testimony. Kye, Grace and Ajay from Year 6 speak about what sport means to them. They talk about how they use their 'learning muscles' every day.

Wellbeing Matters - Brocks Hill Primary School

Brocks Hill pushes sport and physical activity opportunities to another level to make sure that children's overall well-being is a top priority. The ethic of team work permeates all the e orts to drive everything that this outstanding school achieves.

How to Beat Obesity - Broom Leys Primary school

Using National Child Measurement data the school is having an impact on children. Taking in cohorts above the national average for obesity and sending out year groups below!

Using External Coaches – Quality Counts Elizabeth Woodville Primary School

External coaching companies may promise you the earth, but can they deliver? Here are some questions that have been answered at Elizabeth Woodville School in Groby.

The excellent provision at Elizabeth Woodville is highly planned alongside external partners. Coaches and teachers team teach in a way that rapidly develops the skills of teachers. Planning, delivery and assessment is carried out jointly. Every child is discussed as an individual. This leads to highly personalised and differentiated lessons. The standards in PE in the school are excellent.

Using the Environment to Enthuse Children - St Mary & St John C.E.V.A. Primary School

The school has overhauled its approach to PE. It has gone from being a marginal activity to being central to the enthusiasm that this successful school has generated.

How has this been achieved?
St Mary & St John C.E.V.A. School has:

  • Reviewed all facilities and been creative in developing PE spaces
  • Committed to significant CPD through team teaching
  • Introduced a wide range of activities that inspire children
  • Linked the work to healthy schools
  • Worked through the Sports Partnership and with Uppingham Community College
  • Invested in play boxes for play times
  • Got involved in competitions in and out of school

Changing the Culture & Ethos of your School and Living School Life Through Your Motto - Stokes Wood Primary School

The School Motto is "What you do today, matters tomorrow".

The school motto drives the approach to everything at Stokes Wood and uses sport in particular to support this It has driven the huge increase in participation and in competitions. The motto was created by the staff and children and adorns the front of the school.

Running to School: An Enthusiastic Start to Every Day! - Primary Willowbrook School

At Willowbrook School the children run to get through the gates to begin the school day! 'Morning Motivation' is the start to every day and typifies the way in which this school has generated vitality in its children (and staff!). An outstanding start to the day in an outstanding school!

Additional Local/National Case Studies


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    Oadby & Wigston Borough Council
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  • Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council
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  • Charnwood Borough Council
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  • East Midlands Platform
    Rutland County Council
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  • Equality Standard
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  • Sport England
  • Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council
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  • Harborough District Council
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  • Leicestershire County Council
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  • Melton Borough Council
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