GO GOLD Athlete
UK Athletics
Nottingham high school
Achievements from Application:

Gold at SIAB international 2019

Silver at English schools 2019

Silver at Bedford Nationals 2019

This athlete also receives free leisure facility access from: Charnwood Borough Council & Fusion Lifestyle


Madeleine Wood

GO GOLD Athlete

2nd lockdown

9th Dec, 2020

Two training sessions on the high jump mat and we were back in lockdown. It’s definitely been difficult to gain any consistency this year.

However, now the lockdowns over and I’m back to training I’m hoping I can build up my technique and strength to go into indoor season.

Hope everyone is keeping safe and continuing to train hard.

Madeleine Wood

GO GOLD Athlete

Indoor training begins

26th Oct, 2020

With the short summer season this year winter training has been even harder however next week I will be heading indoors to finally get out of the rain!

Indoor training brings with it new challenges, however it is my favourite part of my season where we can begin to really work on the technicalities of my jumping.

I’m looking forward to getting back on the High jump bed and hopefully seeing some progress.

Madeleine Wood

GO GOLD Athlete

End of the season

22nd Sep, 2020

It’s definitely been a short season this summer but I am grateful to have been able to compete several times over the past 2 months.

Starting off quite apprehensive for my first meet I was able to put in a decent performance.

And over the next few competitions I was able to improve on that performance and get back jumping a height that reflected where I should be at this point in the season.

Looking forward to putting on the work over the winter and hopefully towards a less restricted summer season next year.

Madeleine Wood

GO GOLD Athlete

Back to training!

29th Jul, 2020

Looking forward to finally getting back to training tonight!

Although it may not be the best outcome as we are not able to use the high jump beds I’m still very excited to be able to get back to training, be able see my coach, and be able to get back on an actual track.

Although the season has been completely disrupted it will be nice to get back in to more of a routine and back to a bit of normality.

Hope everyone is doing well :)

Madeleine Wood

GO GOLD Athlete

Lockdown training

1st Jul, 2020

With lockdown rules easing and England athletics announcing that jumps can take place I am looking forward to getting back to normal in terms of training over the summer.

Home training is going alright still however I cannot wait to be on an actual track again and back on the high jump bed.

A few competitions are still scheduled to take place near the end of the summer so hopefully they still go ahead, although they have helped motivate me during the lockdown to continue to work hard and so have been vital in providing something to work towards.

Good luck everyone!

Madeleine Wood

GO GOLD Athlete

Lockdown training update

26th May, 2020

As lockdown continues I have had to adapt the fact I cannot train on the mat. All other training I have been able to change to fit in with the limited equipment and facilities by altering training or substituting it with other exercises.
However recently I have set up a high jump mat, with stands, that allows me to practise short work and back arches. This has been a great way to keep me motivated as I am now able to get back jumping and working on my technique.
Hope everyone is finding their own ways of adapting to this difficult situation.
Can’t wait to get back to training and hopefully competing soon :)

Madeleine Wood

GO GOLD Athlete

Training in Lockdown

30th Apr, 2020

Training in lockdown is hard! With very limited access to resources and facilities I've had to focus solely on more strength and conditioning work and less on the technical aspect of my event.
Having injured my self a few weeks before lockdown began physio has been a huge part of my training whilst in lockdown to try and keep strong and recover.
My coach has been great and I have a training plan set out so I know what I need to get done each day and therefore can fit it around my school schedule.
Hope everyone keeps safe and keeps fit during lockdown!


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