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Aerobics is a form of physical exercise that combines rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training routines with the goal of improving all elements of fitness (flexibility, muscular strength, and cardiovascular fitness).

An Overview of Aerobics

Aerobics is usually performed to music and may be practiced in a group setting led by an instructor, although it can be done solo and without musical accompaniment.

These are some of the most common aerobics classes offered:

  • Step Aerobics: Involves the use of a platform to step up and down. The platform helps burn more calories from the extra motion. This is not optimal for people with joint problems.
  • Water/Aqua Aerobics: Best type of low-impact aerobics because it provides the least amount of resistance. Ideal for those with health conditions. Doesn't strain the muscles, but gives a sense of weightlessness and is helpful for those who want to continue to stay active, even with a medical condition.
  • Belly Aerobics: Incorporated with basic aerobics, but focuses more on working the stomach region to remove excess weight around the mid-section. This can include motions where the arms are stretched upward while twisting the rest of the body such as crunches and belly dancing (taught by an instructor). The belly dancing technique works on specific muscles and areas of the stomach to tone.


  • Great form of aerobic exercise to improve your cardiovascular heath
  • Great way to meet new people


Many gym will offer aerobics classes for free as part of their membership, and some will offer pay as you go for non-members.


All you need is basic gym wear as all the equipment and music will be provided by the instructor.

Find Aerobics Activities Near You

Use the search below to find local activities near you.

Sport in Desford

The Charity’s objects (“the objects”) are the promotion of community participation within the village of Desford and its environs in healthy recreation, in particular by the provision of facilities for playing bowls, tennis, squash, football, recrea

New Parks Leisure Centre

New Parks Leisure Centre has two swimming pools, five squash courts and offers various classes.

Hood Park Leisure Centre

Hood Park Leisure Centre in Ashby-de-la-Zouch offers a wide range of facilities and services

Fitter With Michelle

Hi, I'm Michelle and I teach Zumba, Clubbercise to ages 7+, an over 50's class called Fit Teas. Fit Teas combines exercise and a social chat after for well being. Clubbercise is dancing with disco lights and glow sticks to really upbeat music. Healthy


Inspire2tri was born from a passion to help people realise personal sporting and fitness achievements, whatever their starting point, goals, ambitions or ‘life’ challenges. We are a NFP Community Interest Company.

Catmose Sports Centre

Catmose Sports Centre is a superb sports and fitness centre set in the grounds of Catmose College.

Les Mills On Demand

Les Mills On Demand

Les Mills on Demand is offering a 30-day free trial.

Experience unlimited access to the platform with more than 800 workouts that are taught in 21,000 gyms around the world - sessions ranging from 15-55 minutes.



Fiit is offering a 30-day free trial and 25% off their app.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club

With Nike Training Club, you get free access to over 190 free workouts across strength, endurance, yoga and mobility targeting your abs, arms, shoulders, glutes and legs.

Keeping active at home - older people

🔴 Keeping active at home - older people

Three different types of gentle workouts aimed at older people. These videos will help to keep you strong and mobile whilst you are at home.

Keeping active at home - young children and families

🔴 Keeping active at home - young children and families

A range of workout videos aimed at young children and families. Try these exercise videos together to help keep you active and healthy at home.

Keeping active at home - adults

🔴 Keeping active at home - adults

A range of workout videos aimed at adults. If you are working from home try one of range of sessions to break up the day and keep you active.

Bollywood Jhoom

Bollywood Jhoom

Bollywood inspired dance class for beginners


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  • Charnwood LSA
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  • Active Rutland
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  • Active Leicester
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  • Sport England
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