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England Handball

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Special Olympics Multi-Sport Club

Wednesday 22nd November

What is Handball?

Handball is a team sport that requires you to score by throwing a ball into a goal.

Handball is a dynamic, popular and exciting sport that requires athleticism, strength and stamina, great fitness and most of all, team work.

Handball comes in a variety of guises from the Field (Outdoor) Handball, to the now popular Olympic (Indoor) Handball played on a 40m x 20m court to the now recently introduced Beach (Sand) Handball played on the sands of a beach.


  • Increases strength and stamina
  • Provides an excellent cardiovascular workout
  • Social benefits of being part of a team


Depending on the club and coach, sessions can cost around £5.00 but a 'taster' session may be free.


Handball is a challenging sport that requires very little equipment and is easy to pick up. In the United Kingdom, there are around 75 clubs based largely in schools, colleges, universities and sports centres.


The club you attend or your coach will be able to tell you, but normal sportswear and non-marking trainers should be fine


  • The modern game of handball was first played towards the end of the 19th century in Scandinavia and Germany.
  • The first written set of rules was published by Dane Holger Nielsen in 1906.


Coaching Can

Coaching has long been considered to be about the development of skill in a sport. It has been about acquiring, honing and transferring these skills in the pursuit of athletic achievement.

National Programmes


Changing the Game for Girls. England Handball have developed a female only leadership award. In partnership with Street Games and the highy successful Us Girls Project.

Handball in 5

Handball in 5 is a great way of trying handball with friends or family using equipment that is easy to resource and public facilities.

Try Handball

Do you want to get active? Why not try something new, why not ‘Try Handball’. Try Handball is a great way to get active when and where you want to.


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  • North West Leicestershire District Council
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