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What is Parkour?

Parkour / Freerunning / Art du Deplacement is the non-competitive physical discipline of training to move freely over and through any terrain using only the abilities of the body, principally through running, jumping, climbing and quadrupedal movement.

It is a sport that encourages self-improvement on all levels, revealing one's physical and mental limits while simultaneously offering ways to overcome them. It is a method of training one's body and mind in order to be as completely functional, effective and liberated as possible in any environment.


The sport aims to build confidence, determination, self-discipline and self-reliance, and responsibility for one's actions. It encourages humility, respect for others and for one's environment, self-expression, community spirit, and the importance of play, discovery and safety at all times


Parkour can be endured in any terrain, making this sport uncostly to partake in.


  • Parkour or Freerunning, was founded in France in the 1980s by a group of nine young men.
  • he term 'Freerunning' was the creation of Guillaume Pelletier, a representative of a group of French practitioners involved in the production of a Channel 4 documentary, Jump London, in 2003. This term was used in order to communicate this amazing new sport to an English-speaking audience.


Coaching Can

Coaching has long been considered to be about the development of skill in a sport. It has been about acquiring, honing and transferring these skills in the pursuit of athletic achievement.


  • Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council
    Blaby District Council
    East Midlands Platform
    Leicestershire County Council
  • Safeguarding
    Age UK L&R
    British Heart Foundation
    Oadby & Wigston Borough Council
    North West Leicestershire District Council
  • Harborough District Council
    Loughborough University
    Charnwood Borough Council
    County Sport Network
    Melton Borough Council
  • Rutland County Council
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    Equality Standard
    Sport England


  • Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council
    Equality Standard
  • Charnwood Borough Council
    Age UK L&R
  • Blaby District Council
    North West Leicestershire District Council
  • County Sport Network
    British Heart Foundation
  • Loughborough University
    Harborough District Council
  • Leicestershire County Council
    Sport England
    Melton Borough Council
  • Leicester City Council
  • East Midlands Platform
    Rutland County Council
  • Oadby & Wigston Borough Council