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Skateboarding is a fast, thrilling action sport where you move around on a board, fitted with wheels. You can push off of the ground with one foot to start moving, or use ramps at a skate park to let gravity help you.

An Overview of Skateboarding

Skateboarding is fun and social, you can do it on an indoor or outdoor skate park where you'll get to meet lots of people. Learning exciting tricks and flips may take some time, but when you've mastered them you'll get a great sense of personal achievement.


Improving coordination, balance and flexibility are just a few of the health benefits of skateboarding.


Skate parks are free to access and skateboards themselves can be picked up from just £20.


The UK Skateboarding Association website provides lots of useful information on events and on how to get started. Also try the Skatepark Projects Park Finder www.skateparks.co.uk/park-finder/


Equipment for skateboarding includes a Skateboard, elbow pad, knee pads and a helmet.

Find Skateboarding Activities Near You

Use the search below to find local activities near you.

Make your Move

Tue, 06 Nov 2018

The greatest benefits to our physical and mental health comes when we go from doing no physical activity at all to doing just a little bit!

National Governing Bodies

Jubilee Wood

A 19ha mixed woodland which was presented to Leicestershire County Council in 1977 to commemorate the Queen's Silver Jubilee.


  • Blaby LSA
    O&W LSA
    Melton LSA
    Active Leicester
  • Harborough LSA
    Active Partnerships
    Charnwood LSA
    H&B LSA
    Equality Standard
  • Leicestershire County Council
    Sport England
    Active Rutland


  • Active Leicester
    Sport England
  • Active Rutland
    Equality Standard
  • O&W LSA
    Leicestershire County Council
  • H&B LSA
    Blaby LSA
  • Active Partnerships
    Charnwood LSA
  • Safeguarding
  • Melton LSA
    Harborough LSA