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Olympic Weight Lifting is one of the world's oldest competitive sports.

An Overview of Weightlifting

With its origins reaching back to the Olympic games of Ancient Greece where some form of it has been practiced continually for thousands of years. In 1896, it was included as one of the competitions in the first modern Olympic Games. It has since then continued to be an important part of the athletic pride of countries all over the world.

Olympic Weight Lifting is comprised of two movements, the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. The Snatch is a single movement which tests the athlete's gymnastic ability. Whereas the Clean and Jerk has been used as a means to test an athlete's strength.


Weightlifting helps boost your strength, muscle definition and energy levels. Depending on the style of weightlifting programme you perform, it can either build the size of your muscles or create longer, leaner muscles. Contrary to popular belief, weight lifting will not make you bulky if you're female, the female body does not produce enough testosterone to do this, and instead you just lose weight!

Although standard weightlifting is not a form of cardiovascular exercise, it can still help fat loss. An intense weightlifting training session burns approximately 266 calories per hour, with extra calorie loss still occurring up to 48 hours later due to muscle growth.


Clubs provide the best place for people of all ages and abilities to attend training sessions with a qualified coach who will help you lift weights safely and develop a programme to help you achieve your goals.

To find a club in your local area please use the 'Club Finder' here: http://britishweightlifting.org/clubs-and-gyms


To get started, all you will need is trainers and clothing suitable to sport such as shorts and a t-shirt. Many athletes wear weight lifting suits as you advance and enter competitions.

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The greatest benefits to our physical and mental health comes when we go from doing no physical activity at all to doing just a little bit!

National Governing Bodies

British Weightlifting

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01132 249 402

Cross Panic

CrossFit Panic is a gym that offers group fitness classes for all abilities. We have a strong, friendly community all sharing the goals of improving fitness and becoming healthier.

Chapel Health & Fitness Studio Ltd

Small Gym located in the Coalville Area.

Stealth Black Belt Academy

Full Time Martial Arts and Fitness centre, based in Coalville.

The Leicester Olympic Weightlifting Club

The Leicester Olympic Weightlifting Club. We are a grassroots club developing Olympic Weightlifting. Any ability is welcome.

Melton Sports Village

Set in Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire, Waterfield Leisure Centre offers the local community a place to engage in the latest activities.

Dynamite Weightlifting Club

We provide coaching of all abilities in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. We work towards competitions throughout the year at a local and national level

Netherhall Park Adult Gym

Netherhall Road open space is an open aspect site containing both natural and formal areas used for amenity purposes and sports pitches. The site has
been improved with the installation of an outdoor gym and also new play equipment.


  • Blaby LSA
    Active Leicester
    Charnwood LSA
    Sport England
    Active Partnerships
  • Leicestershire County Council
    Equality Standard
    H&B LSA
    Active Rutland
  • Melton LSA
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    O&W LSA


    Equality Standard
  • Active Partnerships
  • H&B LSA
    Active Leicester
  • Active Rutland
    Charnwood LSA
  • Leicestershire County Council
    Sport England
  • O&W LSA
    Harborough LSA
  • Blaby LSA
    Melton LSA