Working at Home

Support for Employers

It will take a little while for employers to adjust to the new way of working that many businesses and organisations are currently experiencing. With the right approach and guidance, employees can be supported to work productively from home. It is also important that we encourage employees to continue to make healthy lifestyle choices.

See below for some key tips aimed at enabling employers to support their employees through this challenging time and a link to the official guidance from the government for businesses and employers:

  • Communication - keep your communication channels open with your team. Check in regularly on a 1:1 and team basis. This could be at the start of each day, or every couple of days. Find out what works for you and your team.
  • Support - let your employees know that you are there if they are struggling. This is a difficult time for many people and a lot of us are having to drastically change the way that we are working. Knowing that they have the support of their employer can be a great help to many.
  • Individual approach - be mindful that some employees may be more affected by recent events than others. You may need to adapt your level of support for certain individuals.
  • Be a role model - model a healthy lifestyle and positive working from home behaviours to your employees. If they see that you are fitting time into your day to be active and eat well, then they are more likely to follow suit.
  • Be prepared to establish a new way of working - it will take a little while for everyone to get used to how we have had to change our way of working. Know that some team members will be less prepared for this change, and remain supportive. Be open to trying new things.

Useful Links

Links to government guidance on making your workplace safe and 'COVID secure' for your employees, as well as guidance for businesses and the self-employed.

MIND is providing useful advice on how to support the mental health and wellbeing of your team and employees during the Coronavirus pandemic.

This page includes a number of links to business/financial support available to you, specifically around coping with the impact of the Coronavirus on the cash flow, staffing and long term sustainability of your organisation.


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