Move This March with #ThisGirlCan

Ladies it's time to have fun and feel great again, so let's all #MoveThisMarch with #ThisGirlcan!!

This year may look very different but it is guaranteed to be our biggest and best event yet. Plus it will be our FIRST ever Virtual whole MONTH Event.

  • We have a variety of sessions taking place throughout March including: Barre, Pilates, Yin Yoga, Soccercise, Nordic Walking, Weights Workout's and more.
  • Take a look at our calendar of events and sign up now. Once you have secured a ticket, there is NO limit to the amount of sessions you can book onto!
  • Discover what each session entails and the instructors behind the sessions by clicking through to their websites.
  • A dedicated Facebook group has been created to encourage and motivate every woman across LLR to achieve their exercise goals.
  • There will be special events to celebrate International Women's Day & Mothering Sunday.
  • For all those who buy a ticket you will receive a free #ThisGirlCan t-shirt and water bottle.


You will be asked what t-shirt sizes you require upon booking. The t-shirts are unisex sizes of:

  • X Small - 35"
  • Small - Size 10
  • Medium - 40"
  • Large - 43"
  • X Large - 45"
  • XX Large - 48"

Further Information:


General Sale

  • £10.00 per person!
  • This ticket allows you to sign up to ANY sessions.

Organised by Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport (LRS) in support of Hope Against Cancer. It is Leicestershire and Rutland's local cancer research charity, funding cutting-edge research and clinical trials available to local people. They partner with local universities and hospitals to make sure that Leicestershire is a hub of expertise in cancer research and treatment. Since their set up in 2003, they have funded over 60 research projects tackling cancer. We strive for a future where more people survive cancer.

Events Calendar:

Session Information:

Unsure on which sessions to sign up for? Why not have a read through these graphics to help you make those decisions. Some of them link directly to our instructors websites, so you can carry on being active your way after the taster sessions!

This Girl Can
It's time to have a Positive Pause!

Wednesday, 17th March 2021 7pm – 9pm

£8.00 (raising funds for 'Hope Against Cancer'

After the success of our first ever virtual #ThisGirlCan Positive Pause event, we are excited to announce that this March we will be hosting the event again- so make sure to get your ticket whilst you can!

The evening is a chance to get comfy on the sofa with a drink and listen to some excellent guidance about living with or preparing for the menopause. Plus there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions, either directly or anonymously via the chat function.

  • Let's eat well - discover how the right nutrition can keep those hormones in check!
  • Make the right moves - how the right moves can keep us strong and healthy and improve our core!
  • Relax and chill - enjoy some great practical tips on how to relax, switch off and enjoy a peaceful slumber!
  • Receive a free t-shirt, goody bag & invitation to join a Nordic Walking session with WALX!

Our presenters create an informal and friendly atmosphere so you can learn and seek advice on how the menopause can work for you. Our presenters include:

  • Angela Rafferty – BBC East Midlands Today
  • Clare Shepherd – Nutritional Therapist
  • Jo Waller – One Fit Core
  • Jackie Parsons – Relaxation Therapist


7.00 – 7.30 pm

Nutritional Support and Guidance

Presenter – Angela Rafferty

Speaker: Clare Shepherd, Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach

Clare will introduce you to the greatest contributor to hormonal chaos, and give simple and effective nutrition and lifestyle solutions to help you manage your menopause symptoms and create optimum health through menopause and beyond.

7.35 – 8.30 pm

Specialist Panel and Q&A


  • Clare Shepherd - Nutritional Therapist

Pre-Recorded Presentations

3 x 30 minutes

Jackie Parson

Relaxation Therapist

Jo Waller

One Fit Core

Gill Stewart/Amanda


These sessions can be viewed by the participant at anytime

The session will take you through progressive muscle relaxation and guided visualisation, and provide an insight into how deep relaxation can support with anxiety and low mood, muscle pain, headaches and insomnia, as well as reduced concentration and ability to think clearly.

Learn specific techniques and gain functional advice to help repair and restore areas of weakness in the pelvic floor, building strength for life.

Gill will explain the many benefits of Nordic Walking – one being enjoying the outdoors and catching up with friends!

All participants will be invited to join a WALX session and experience the benefits first hand.

Clare Shepherd (Nutritional Therapist) top tips:

1. Drink minimum 2L water/day

2. Eat more Omega 3 rich foods, e.g. salmon, mackerel, trout, tuna.

3. Include foods high in photo-oestrogens, e.g. beans, lentils, non GM soy, seeds, oats, rice

4. 70% of diet: choose fresh food and a rainbow of colour

5. Minimise caffeine, alcohol sugars & refined carbs

Gill Stewart & Amanda - WALX

Gill will explain the many benefits of Nordic Walking – one being enjoying the outdoors and catching up with friends!

All participants will be invited to join a WALX session and experience the benefits first hand.

Jackie Parsons (Occupational Therapist & Hypnotherapist) top tips:

1. Stress can make the symptoms of menopause worse. If you feel tense and uptight, distract yourself briefly with perhaps a walk or puzzle

2. Relaxation reduces stress and tension, so learn to give yourself permission to take time out & care of your mind

3. Each time you have a tea break, sit down, lower your shoulders, breathe in gently through your nose, hold to the count of 3 or 4 and then breathe out through your mouth, mentally saying the word 'calm' as you do

4. Learn something new that you can fit into to your life as an antidote to stress

5. Exercising is excellent for stress

Jo Waller (One Fit Core) top tips:

1. Keep active - Do something every day! Even if it's just a gentle walk. Exercise can help relieve up to 80% of menopausal symptoms.

2. Try Weight Training - As bone density starts to reduce with age, osteoporosis is a real health risk for women, so weight training can help to reduce the degeneration.

3. Focus on pelvic floor - All muscles become weaker with age and your pelvic floor is no different. Try doing 10 long hold and 10 short hold every day for 6 weeks and you'll be amazed at the difference.

4. Work on your core and glute strength - Your pelvic floor is a small group of muscles that do a really big job. Squats are a brilliant way of building strength in the glutes and can be incorporated into your daily life.

5. Hips facing forward - The way you sit can have a big impact on your pelvic floor function. Hips tucked around to the side or pushed forward and under engages the pelvic floor. Focus on your posture, keep hips facing forward and loaded evenly to preserve strength in that muscle for when you need it most.

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