Virtual Together

Virtual opportunities are a great way to support us to move a little more.

Perhaps you want to try something new or are missing your regular activity class? Have you thought about doing this from your own home? Many local clubs/organisations/instructors now delivering virtual classes and there are also a whole range of videos you can access to find an activity that you want to try at an ability you are comfortable with.

If you don't fancy a class or video then why not look at one of the many fitness apps? From training programmes to buddy support, have a look and see which app would help you to add a little more activity into the day.

Do you want to set yourself an activity goal to aim for? Why not take part in virtual activity challenges or track your movement through an activity tracker. Great way to see how much activity you are doing or maybe you could encourage your family, friends or work colleagues to join in too and support each other to reach a goal!

Remember, It is important that you take part in an activity that is at the appropriate level for yourself. If you're unsure about your ability, it might be wise to start gradually and build up.

Have fun and stay active together at home with the Virtual Together app!

The Virtual Together app (on Playwaze) has been developed for individual and school physical activity and sport challenges, competitions and school sport.

Did you know you can also track your activity on our Activity Tracker here on our website? join in online challenges or just record your daily movement here. You can link your smart device to automatically update your activity for you!

Looking for an online live or on demand session from a local provider? Search today to find a class right for you. Or are you providing online sessions and want to get the word out? You can list your sessions today.

Looking for some inspiration on how to be active in the home? Find a wide range of hints. tips, videos and advice for everyone to be active at a level to suit them.

Active Together is here to support you to get active, in your own way. Here you will find a range of stories, hints, tips and an parks and open spaces search engine to help you get active safely.

There are lots of physical wellbeing apps available for your mobile device. Find out which ones might suit you and your family best to motivate you and keep you active.


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