Virtual Together App

Have fun and stay active together at home with the Virtual Together app!

The Virtual Together app (on Playwaze) has been developed for individual and group physical activity and sport challenges, competitions and school sport.

The HiFIVE Challenges are perfect for children and families to have fun and stay active at home together. Our Lockdown Challenge is coming soon!

The Team Leicestershire and Daily Boost communities within the app provide a long term digital school sport solution beyond the current situation that will enable us to embed an ongoing virtual offer alongside annual calendars.

The involvement of the local School Sport & Physical Activity Network (SSPANs) also means that schools and young people will be able to engage with local district (Level 2 / Inter school) challenges, the county-wide (Level 3) offer from us at LRS and will also offer leadership opportunities within schools.

How to Get Involved

1) Initial App Sign-Up

  1. Download the 'Playwaze' app in the iPhone app store or Google Play store
  2. Open the app and 'Register' to join.

2) Add your child(ren) and/or family members

You can add your child(ren) and family members to the app so everyone can enter the Challenges!

  1. Once signed in to the app, click 'More' and then 'My Details'.
  2. Click 'Add new linked account', complete the details for your child/family member and click 'Create linked Account'. Repeat this step for other children/family members you wish to add.

You can move easily between each account by going to 'More' and clicking the black people/arrow icon near your name, and selecting the account you want to switch to.

3) Join a Community

The challenges and competitions are based within a 'Community' on the app. Join the relevant 'Community' to access the challenges and competitions on offer.

  1. When in the app, click 'Search', type in the Community name (e.g. HiFIVE, Team Leicestershire or Daily Boost) and click the search icon. You then need to click 'Join'.

You can view the Communities you've joined by going to 'More', then 'My Communities' and you'll see them listed.

More information about the Communities can be found below 👇

The HiFIVE Challenges are perfect for children and families to have fun and stay active at home together.

Why not have a go at HiFIVE Ball & Wall Challenge - how many times can you throw and catch the ball against a wall in 30 seconds?

Once you've downloaded the app, search for the 'HiFIVE' Community and select to 'Join' to view all the Challenges you can get involved with.

As part of the Team Leicestershire programme there are a number of competitions, for individuals and School Teams.

Try the Basketball Hand Swap, a secondary school age individual challenge. How many times can you swap your hands over without the ball touching the ground in 30 seconds?

Once you've downloaded the app, search for the 'Team Leicestershire' Community and select to 'Join' to view all the Competitions you can get involved with.

For more information about Team Leicestershire visit

As part of the Daily Boost, there will be Challenges available as opportunities to introduce, re-launch or carry on the Daily Boost programme through Schools.

Once you've downloaded the app, search for the 'Daily Boost' Community and select to 'Join' to view the Challenges.

Find out more:

For more information on the Daily Boost visit

Please note that the Playwaze website and Playwaze mobile app platforms both adhere to all GDPR and data protection policies and procedures. Details of these can be found on both the website and mobile app (following entering a competition) and can also be found here.

For more information please contact:

Liam Drake

Liam Drake

Sports Development Officer

Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport

01509 564865


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  • Active Leicester
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  • Active Oadby and Wigston
  • Sport England
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  • Blaby LSA
  • Equality Standard
    Active Hinckley and Bosworth
  • Leicestershire County Council
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