Working At Home

We are being encouraged to work from home where possible, however, working from home shouldn't be a barrier to leading a healthy lifestyle and it's more important than ever to make sure we are doing all we can to look after our mental and physical health.

On these pages, information and advice is provided for both employers and employees, to help workplaces stay healthy, happy and productive, as we adjust to the changes currently being experienced.

We are all having to change the way that we work and live, and it can be difficult to adjust. Here we give you some top tips for maintaining a positive and productive routine whilst working from home.

  • Set an alarm - you may have a bit more time in the mornings without your daily commute, but getting up at the same time each morning will help you to maintain your routine as well as ensure you get a good nights sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.
  • Get dressed - You might not need to wear your usual office attire, but it is important to make sure that you shower and get dressed, as if you were going into work as normal, to put you in the right mindset.
  • Set up your workspace - Consider where the best place to set up your workspace will be. Sometimes it can be difficult to separate your workspace from your living space, especially when there is a number of you in your household.
  • Stick to your normal working hours - when your office is also your home, it can be hard to switch off at the end of the day. By starting and finishing your day at the usual time, as well as setting aside time for a lunch break, you will stay more focused and motivated.
  • Stay on task – it can be harder to manage your time when you are not in your usual routine. Start each week or day by planning your tasks and what you hope to achieve.
  • Avoid distractions – try to avoid having the TV on in the background or browsing social media. Housework can also become more appealing when you're working from home, try to designate time to do other jobs outside of your working day.

Remember to stay active, eat well, and look after your mental health during this challenging time. Click on the boxes below for more information.

Click here for small changes you can make to increase your activity during your working day, even whilst you're working at home.

Eating well can help you work productively and stay alert throughout the day. Click here for tips for eating well even whilst our normal working routines have changed.

Our mental health has never been more important. Take small steps to look after your wellbeing whilst working at home.

Employers have a vital role in supporting the wellbeing of their staff during this challenging time. Click here for support if you are responsible for managing a team of employees.

Support for Key Workers

We know that not everyone is able to work from home at the current time. Hundreds of thousands of key workers in healthcare, education, emergency services, supermarkets, postal and delivery services, and many more are working tirelessly to provide the essential services that our country needs.

Your wellbeing and mental health is massively important at this time. Here are some useful links which may provide some support should you need it:

This page from MIND, the mental health charity, gives tips for taking care of your mental health and wellbeing, help with understanding difficult feelings, and ways to find support if you're a key worker.

Our Frontline offers round-the-clock one-to-one support, by call or text, from trained volunteers, plus resources, tips and ideas to look after your mental health, for frontline health, care, emergency and key workers, putting themselves at physical risk from coronavirus every day.

As part of Our Frontline, Shout provides a free 24/7 text support service for anyone who's a key worker during the coronavirus crisis. Text KEYWORKER to 85258 to talk by text with a trained crisis volunteer.


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